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Why I’m Running

dennis dingeHello, I’m Dennis Dinge. I’m a scientist running for Congress.  My decision to run for Congress was not an easy one. I love being a scientist. I love my job working at the cutting edge of supercomputing technology; and if I earn the right to serve you in Congress, I will have to give that up, at least for a while. I’m running because I think that our government needs a new approach, and I believe that my approach can help New Mexico, and our great nation as a whole, face the challenges of our age.

I am a problem solver. I take three basic steps when solving a problem: see the problem, understand the problem, fix the problem. An unbiased assessment of all facts is necessary for the first two steps. Creativity and testing are necessary for the third. Contrast this with the current situation in Washington, in which the approach to problems is to form an opinion and then cherry pick, or even make up, facts to support that opinion. Many current politicians ignore test cases that disprove their opinion and promote any that support it. This method only leads to gridlock, dead ends, and a big heaping pile of unsolved problems. A good scientist has the imagination of a child in order to think of solutions and the wisdom of an old man in judging those solutions. A good Member of Congress also has a combination of those two qualities. This is why I believe that my background will make me an asset to Congress, helping to solve our nation’s problems.